Comrade or Czar Edit

By Albnoob Edit

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It takes around 1-20 minute(s) depending on your choices and it can take a while to get all achievements around 2 Hours.

It is a nonfiction alternate history country builder.

Rating:T for Teen.

Comrade! Are you ready to lead Soviet Russia through the revolution and the great war? Or do you want to stop communism and save Russia. You can conquer the world or leave Russia altogether! It's your choice! You can lead armies, build cities, destroy giants and many more!

This game is by Albnoob (A. Hugh Mann)

I am a gamer who was lured in by choice script. I love history, science, math, and Lovecraft books (Yogsothoth for life!). I barely have any sanity and am from Albania (as you can probably tell from my games). I may not any friends, but at least I have Comrade or Czar.

I would like to get into college without selling my kidney. In order to accomplish this, I started choice script. I also hope to teach people that you do not mess with pigs. (You have to play the game to the end to get it)


The picture I will use once released.

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