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The wiki about ChoiceScript, a simple scripting language developed by Adam Strong-Morse and Dan Fabulich of Choice of Games LLC for writing text-based, multiple-choice games.

About the ChoiceScript Wiki

This Wiki is a ChoiceScript Game Developers' Community Project, created by the community, for the community. It is intended for anyone who plans to learn ChoiceScript, for those in need of clarification on specific subjects or commands, and those just seeking a clearer understanding of the likely cause(s) of a particular error.

What is ChoiceScript?

ChoiceScript is a simple scripting language developed by Adam Strong-Morse and Dan Fabulich of Choice of Games LLC for writing text-based, multiple-choice games.

Developing Interactive Novels with ChoiceScript is simple and fun. It's free to use, doesn't require any previous programming experience, and it's very easy to learn -- while also being a powerful and flexible development tool for experienced users with highly creative ideas.

ChoiceScript games can be published on the web, on iOS, Android and Kindle devices, and even on Steam. ChoiceScript authors earn royalties from their games when published by Choice of Games LLC. (View the requirements on their website.)

Thinking of becoming a ChoiceScript Game Author? Start by downloading the latest version (.zip file).

Want to help out?

Any Wikia member of reasonable standing is welcome to create new pages or edit many of the existing ones.

We'd also love to hear from new or unregistered members in the comment section of every page.

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Post it in the ChoiceScriptDev forum discussion thead.

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If you are currently developing your own CS game (or have already done so); if you have been active on the official ChoiceScript forums for quite a while; and if you can see several areas for possible improvements / better clarification (or perhaps simply have some ideas for new & useful articles that you'd like to explore), we would be delighted to receive your application to join the Admin team. Please PM CJW or Vendetta on the ChoiceScript forums.

Choice of Games Contest


Enter the official Choice of Games contest for a chance to win up to $5,000 and publication under the Choice of Games label.

  • Deadline: January 31, 2018
  • Word Count: 100,000 including code

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