Like other text editors, Atom (which is recommended by the basic tutorial) uses a system called Syntax Highlighting which helps in coding by visually identifying different parts of code with color. This allows you to more easily read the code, helping both in drawing it up and spotting errors.

Atom does not come with the ChoiceScript Syntax Highlighter pre-installed. However, one has been created and can be installed easily.

Installing Edit

  1. Open Atom
  2. Go to File > Settings > + Install. Or you can also go to Packages > Settings View and select Install Packages. Either way this opens a window with a search bar.
  3. Search for choicescript
  4. The first result should be language-choicescript by kingsleyh. Click the install button and your code should automatically be highlighted.

Modifying Edit

In the settings under packages, you can customize the choicescript package settings, things like line length, indent guides soft wrap etc.

The color of the highlighting is controlled by the theme. You can change the syntax theme by going to settings > themes.

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